Tokyo Live Music Showcase

I took my experience developing content for the page, and used it to create content for the stage. Or is it simply so much fun going to shows, I had to have one of my own? Saiko is a thematic live showcase I produce to give friends and Metropolis readers an easy in to some of the astounding Japanese musicians and performing artists I’ve written about. In events to date, I have worked with iTunes Japan to look at Tokyo music scenes from punk to postrock, and electronic music to jazz-funk and broken beats. The latest was a Tohoku earthquake benefit, Saiko vol.9, with appearances by, among others, The Girl (the new band formed by ex-Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her frontwoman Aiha Higurashi), and avant-garde bondage artist Hajime Kinoko. The previous Saiko vol.8, also a quake benefit, featured the Blue Man Group and 5 of Tokyo’s most intriguing indie-rock bands. Both took place at club Milkyway in the epicenter of Japanese youth culture, Tokyo’s Shibuya district.