Moja: Masumi and Haru issue a sonic punch to the gut

“I see death every day, so I understand the finality of life,” Haru concludes. “When people die they become simply material objects, so that gives me an appreciation of life. It makes me feel like I could die anytime so I want to do all I can while I’m alive. I don’t want to leave any regrets.”

Metropolis, May 23, 2012


Peverelist: Forget Skrillex—this dubstep pioneer delivers the original Bristol sound

Long before Skrillex brought dubstep to the McDonald’s-quaffing American masses, the genre was born out of the underground melding of UK drum ‘n’ bass, garage and dub sound systems. Bristol record shop and label owner, producer and DJ Peverelist (Tom Ford) was part of it and returns to Tokyo next week to show punters how it’s really done.

Metropolis, May 18, 2012