Moon Duo: Ripley and Sanae lob their spaced out sounds at Japan

Take the Eastern psychedelia of a late-era George Harrison sitar solo and the fuzzbox transcendence of strung-out Velvet Underground. Set it to some purposefully tinny rhythm box beats and you’re getting close to the sound of Oregon pair Moon Duo.

Metropolis, Mar 18, 2013



Karl Hyde: Fresh off the Olympics, Underworld’s frontman stabs out solo

If nothing else, their iconic soundtrack for Trainspotting—and in Japan their sets at Fuji Rock and Rainbow 2000—assure Underworld a spot in music history. But from their design collective Tomato to their music for the London Olympics, the British duo of singer Karl Hyde and musician Rick Smith are feverish in their exploration of new opportunities. I spoke with Hyde about his solo debut Edgeland ahead of next month’s SonarSound Tokyo.

Metropolis, Mar 12, 2013