Gaijin Evolution: From seekers and slackers to strivers and thrivers

Rewind two decades to the first issue of Metropolis in 1993. Japan was a juggernaut—about to roll to Number One on an unstoppable export machine. My time here tracks this magazine’s existence, so for the 1000th issue let me hazard a few thoughts about the changes in the Western population that constitutes our readership…


Metropolis “Last Word,” May 23, 2013


808 State: The seminal electronic act reveals a political side to rave culture

“Guitar bands were out. Using the new technology was a stance for change, being armed with a sampler was very much about starting a new page. We had more in common with Detroit than London. Joining an internationalism of the dance floor was a rejection of colloquialism that had chained us.” – Graham Massey

Metropolis, Apr 12, 2013


Alabama Shakes: Brittany Howard’s post-racial rock

Brittany Howard’s vocals are imbued with strains of strong soul divas from the black Marva Whitney to the white Janis Joplin. The singer—herself a blend of black and white—takes a post-racial view of music. “It could be black music or white music. Anything with a soul we’re interested in,” she affirms. “Elvis sang and played black music—that’s where rock came from. But I don’t know if our sound is a black-music thing, I think it’s just a music thing.”

Metropolis, Jan 17, 2013