Moon Duo: Ripley and Sanae lob their spaced out sounds at Japan

Take the Eastern psychedelia of a late-era George Harrison sitar solo and the fuzzbox transcendence of strung-out Velvet Underground. Set it to some purposefully tinny rhythm box beats and you’re getting close to the sound of Oregon pair Moon Duo.

Metropolis, Mar 18, 2013



Hot Chip: So, who’s the hottest chip?

“There’s something about the beginnings of making synths talk to each other in a certain way that gives those records a certain kind of appeal,” Joe Goddard continues, citing artists like Human League and Giorgio Morodor. “People talk about the fact that it was difficult to make sequenced records in those days—the struggle made them better. You had to really think about what you were doing.”

Metropolis, Jun 8, 2012

Peverelist: Forget Skrillex—this dubstep pioneer delivers the original Bristol sound

Long before Skrillex brought dubstep to the McDonald’s-quaffing American masses, the genre was born out of the underground melding of UK drum ‘n’ bass, garage and dub sound systems. Bristol record shop and label owner, producer and DJ Peverelist (Tom Ford) was part of it and returns to Tokyo next week to show punters how it’s really done.

Metropolis, May 18, 2012