Ryoichi Kurokawa: SonarSound’s most intriguing act isn’t strictly musical

“Since European countries share boundaries over land with other countries, they share their arts scenes more naturally,” Kurokawa answers when asked about his decision to leave Japan. “The European scene is much bigger than Japan’s, and this means new art scenes are easily born and young artists can be more widely active here.”

Metropolis, Apr 14, 2012



My Morning Jacket: They may be from Kentucky, but don’t call ‘em Southern rock

“I feel like the internet should be a free and open place. We can see how the music industry has been impacted by people stealing music on the internet, but there’s a larger issue about the fact that a lot of my friends can’t afford health care. Until we get that figured out, if my friends can’t afford healthcare I welcome them stealing music on the internet all day long.” – Jim James, My Morning Jacket

Metropolis, Feb 22, 2012

Anna Calvi: The English-Italian diva pens torch songs for the new millennium

Are people around her concerned about her coming to Japan? “Concerned? About what?” she asks. Seems like Fukushima may have fallen off the international radar. “It’s my first time to Japan,” she says, brushing off the gloom-and-doom. “I’m really excited because I’ve always wanted to go there. It should be cool.”

Metropolis, February 1, 2012